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Membership Criteria

Membership of the association will be open to all accommodation providers graded by either VisitScotland or the AA as a Hotel,
Guesthouse or Inn and provided they fulfill all membership requirements as set out in the Rules & Regulations.

Establishments eligible for membership shall:

- Have a KY16 postal code.
- Provide accommodation and meals to visitors.
- Be commercially rated.
- Be categorised by VisitScotland or the AA as a Hotel, Guesthouse or Inn.
- Be formally graded with a VisitScotland or AA Quality Assurance Scheme to 3 Star or above.
- Be fully compliant with relevant Fire and Environmental legislation.

For membership fee purposes, all association member establishments shall be categorized in one of the following categories:

Large Hotel > 50 guest rooms
Medium Hotel: 20 – 50 guest rooms
Small Hotel: 6 - 19 guest rooms
Guesthouse / Inn: 4 or more guest rooms

If you meet this criteria and would like further details please contact –